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Abhishek Seva

Abhishekam is a ritual of offering the Goddess Mahalakshmi Panchamrutam, which is a mixture of Milk, Ghee, Curd, Honey, and Sugar.  Offering or bathing the idol with such rich ingredients is a sign of purity.


As per Hinduism, Mother Cow is a sacred animal and it is believed that 33 crore Gods and goddesses reside in the Mother Cow. It is said in Puranas that Abhishek done with Dahi accompanied by chanting of sacred Veda verses helps in fulfilling our desires. Hedavde Mahalakshmi Mata Rani is no different, Dahi Abhishek is a part of the daily Friday ritual where devotees get the privilege of performing the Abhishek by themselves. The ritual of Abhishek starts every Friday at 10 am( As Covid Circumstances this is not allowed for devotees). After the Dahi Abhishek devotees perform Panchamrut Abhishek with 1.25kgs of the above-mentioned ingredients. This is called as the Navas/Mannat Abhishek. It is said that he who carries Abhishek on consecutive five Fridays his wishes or desires get granted by Hedavde Mahalakshmi Mata’s grace. Obstacles vanish and impossible are achieved by Panchamrut Abhishekam.


Devotees who are not able to attend in person can pay online to get it done by the temple priest. Name, Nakshatra, and Gotra required for offline devotees. 

Significance of types of Abhishek and its Importance: -


PANCHAGAVYAM- (mixture of five ingredients i.e. milk, curd, ghee, cow’s urine, cow dung) – Removes all sins of mankind

PANCHAMRUTHAM (ripe banana, jaggery, sugar, seedless dates, honey, dry fruits) – Gives wealth

GHEE– Gives Moksha state

MILK – Gives long life

CURD – Gives Good Children, Blessing for children

HONEY – Melodious voice, Enhancement of music talents

RICE POWDER – Frees from debts

SUGAR CANE JUICE  – Gives good health and removes enmity

LIME JUICE – Removes fear of death, Recovery from illness

TENDER COCONUT JUICE – Gives enjoyment and satisfaction in life

COOKED RICE – Gives Majestic life, Rajya Praapti

SANDAL PASTE – Gives Lakshmi’s Grace

SUGAR – Removes enmity

WATER (Mixed with Ganga Jal) – Peace

TIL OIL (Sesame Oil) – Free from illness, Apa Mrityu Haram

TURMERIC – for healing, recovery from diseases, and matrimony

COW’S MILK – for progeny, to ward off snake curse, etc.

CURD RICE – for curing ulcers etc.

GOLD WATER – For prosperity, Destruction of Daridra


COW’s GHEE – Financial prosperity

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