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Seva for Devotees

Abhishek Seva

Abhishekam is a ritual of offering the Goddess Mahalakshmi Panchamrutam, which is a mixture of Milk, Ghee, Curd, Honey, and Sugar.  Offering or bathing the idol with such rich ingredients is a sign of purity.

Five Friday Navas/ Mannat of 879 Mahalaxmi Mata

A wish or desire is expressed before the goddess and a promise is made to return the favor with some appropriate gift. This is known as ‘Navas’ in Marathi. “If you ask with whole heart Mata will give and fulfill any wish” words said by of Guruvarya. Thousands of people have got their wishes fulfilled.


Annadana is considered to be the most beneficial and effective mode of gaining God's grace as per Hinduism as compared to any puja or rituals. Annadanam is not confined to feeding only human beings but it encompasses all living beings. One should not make any discrimination regarding Annadanam in terms of Caste, Creed, Financial status, Religion, or Nationality.

Tula Baram

Tulabaram is an ancient ritual. Tulabaranam means a person is made to sit on one part of the scale and an equal amount of rice, oil, gold or silver or grains, flowers, jaggery, etc as per the individual’s capacity is weighed and offered to god. This is usually done when one’s wishes are fulfilled or they overcome sufferings and sorrows.

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