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  • Due to Corona Pandameic all devotees are advised to ook darshan in adv

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Senior Citizen above 60 yrs, Children below 10 yrs, Pregnant women will not be allowed and Only asymptomatic persons to be allowed in the premises of the place of worship

Footwear should preferably be taken off inside own vehicle

Individuals must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet (2 gaj ki doori) in common places as far as feasible. 

 Use of face covers/masks at all times. They must be worn properly to cover the nose and mouth. Touching the front portion of mask/face covers to be avoided.

Practice frequent hand washing with soap (for at least 40-60 seconds) even when hands are not visibly dirty.


Use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers (for at least 20 seconds) can be made wherever feasible.

 Respiratory etiquettes are to be strictly followed. This involves the strict practice of covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing with a tissue/handkerchief/flexed elbow and disposing off used tissues properly. 

Self-monitoring of health by all and reporting any illness at the earliest to the immediate supervisory officer.


Spitting shall be strictly prohibited.


Installation & use of Aarogya Setu App by all devotees. 

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