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About Temple

Yes indeed, blessed is the land and blessed are the people of Hedavde that Mother Goddess, who flows as an energy in the entire Universe, chose Hedavde as her abode - a small hamlet situated on the outskirts of Mumbai, on Mumbai Ahmedabad National Highway number 48. The temple is located on the Northern banks of Tansa river . Significantly, Goddess Mahalakshmi always finds her abode near a water body.


Today, this divine form has been widely known as Hedavde Mahalakshmi. She is Swayambhu and is accompanied by Swayambhu Navagrahas. This place is like a small reflection of the entire Universe. Imagine one experiencing the wonderful sight of Goddess Mahalakshmi and all the nine planets. One is fortunate to take the darshan of the following Gods as well:


The main idol of Swayambhu Mahalakshmi Mata was self-manifested along with Swayambhu Navagraha Mandir. The self-manifested Navagrahas are one of its kind in the entire world where the idols are in the appropriate position & direction. And to one’s amazement, the idols have naturally evolved in one monolithic granite stone from the volcanic lava and they self resurrected and are placed in the appropriate direction as indicated in the shastras. 

When seen from top-level numerical "9" digit is formed on the navagraha. The idols are about 27 inches in height (about 2.5 feet).

All idols have specific mantras engraved on the top. It is very powerful and devotees are warned not to touch them without bathing and wearing specific attire. It is believed that all difficulties or Graha pida vanish when prayers are offered with veneration to Navgraha based in Hedavde Mahalaxmi Temple.

There is beautiful Shree Kuber the God of wealth idol in Navgrah sthan which blesses devotees with prosperity.

This temple which was founded in the 20th century has an interesting & elaborate story behind it.

Mystical 879

Om or Aum is a spiritual and sacred truth per Hindu belief. Om or Aum is formed by these magic numbers when placed in certain combination. Vedas and puranas has mentioned how this number has immense power and can be used for the benefit of mankind.


Shri Guruvarya Dadasaheb Hate was born in a small village in Vasai, Maharashtra. He was brought up in a family that purely believed in the Hindu religion.

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