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Five Friday Navas


A wish or desire is expressed before the goddess and a promise is made to return the favor with some appropriate gift. This is known as ‘Navas’ in Marathi. “If you ask with whole heart Mata will give and fulfill any wish” words said by of Guruvarya. Thousands of people have got their wishes fulfilled.


A childless couple may take the vow that on begetting one, Or Job Aspirant would make for favorable job, or any work you wish to get accomplished they would carry out Panchamrut Abhishek and gift mother a saree-choli, i.e., garments, to the Devi. The manner of the fulfillment of the vow depends upon the promise made. If it is no more than the presentation of a sadi-choli, or the filling of the lap with bodice-cloth i.e ‘khann’ and coconut, one has merely to purchase a set available immediately outside the temple and place it before the goddess.


How to make a Navas:


1. First Friday a Sankalp has to be made where devotees ask Maa to fulfill their wishes. A specific wish is made during offering Dahi Abhishek and ones the wish is  fulfilled devotees can decide how they want to thank Mata

2. Next consecutive five Fridays without breaking or staying absent he/she should do 1.25kgs curd Abhishek and pray wholeheartedly accompanied with doing some kind of Seva in the temple. He will be offered Mahaprasad before leaving the temple.

3. On the Fifth Friday he has to come early with all his family members to do Abhishek offer Saree, fruits and Sweets and do Shodapshari puja.

4. After completion of his Navas or Mannat he has to fulfill his vows within 2 Fridays.  It is mandatory to fulfill whatever you have promised to Maa.  Devotees are warned not to get overboard and promise which

cannot be fulfilled this can be very dangerous.


पाच शुक्रवार नवस  (एकूण ६ शुक्रवार )

१. पहिल्या शुक्रवारी मंदिरात येऊन देवी समोर आपले गाऱहाणे मांडावे

२. पुढिल शुक्रवार पासून सव्वा किलो दही अभिषेक करावा, संपुर्ण दिवस मातेला अर्पण करावा

३. आपल्या कले  अनुसार  सेवा करावी , भाजी कापणे , झाडू मारणे  मातेच्या दरबारी सेवा करावी

४. संध्याकाळी मंदिर झाडून व पाण्यानी धुवून घ्यावे , सर्व कचरा व निर्माल्या विसर्जन करावे

५. शेवटच्या शुक्रवारी आपल्या कुटुंब /नातेवाइक घेऊन येणे . भक्ती भावाने सव्वा ५ किलो अभिषेक, साडी, श्रेफळ , आपल्या यथा शक्तींनी २१, ५१, १०१ लोकांना भोज  घ्यावे ( केलेलं चांगले गरजे  चे नाही आपल्या यथा शक्ती प्रमाणे निर्णय घ्या )

६. ओम ह्रीम लक्षमी भ्यो नमः चा १०८ जाप करावा ,( लाल वस्त्र , रेशमी आसन , मोत्याची जप माळ )

७. श्रीसूक्त चा रोज पाठ करावा

८. आपल्या घरी ७ व्या शुक्रवारी कुमारी पूजन करावे

९. ८७९ लोकांना मातेचे माहिती व प्रचार करावा

१०. चैत्रा तिल वार्षिक यात्रा, गुरुपुर्णिमा , विजया दशमी , व कार्तिक पूर्णिमा या महत्वाच्या दिवशी हजेरी लावावी

११. वरील माहिती ही मार्गदर्शना करिता आहे , हे सर्व न करता देवी आपल्या भक्तनी व सेवेंनी सुद्धा प्रसन्न होते कृपया भक्तांनी नोंद घ्यावी


Mahalaxmi 108 Pradakshina navas.

Fulfill your wishes.

During a visit to  Mahalaxmi Temple, the devotee performs the rituals of prayers and then goes for either 3 circumambulations around the goddess or 11,21 or 108 as per the devotee's devotion and dedication.  While visiting the temple the devotees must remain pure and clean in aspects relating to mind and body., thinking and conduct. For atonement and self-purification one should make circumambulation around the diety. One can utter the Pradiskshana mantra to stabilize one's mind and also to make the worship effective.


Deity Pradakshina Sthothram

yaanikaanicha paapaani janmaanthara kruthanicha
thaavithaani pranashyanthi pradakshina pade pade
paapoham paapakarmaaham paapaathmaa paapasambhavam
thraahimaam krupayaa deva sharanaagatha-vathsala
anyadha sharanam naasthi thvameva sharanam mama
thasmaathkaarunabhaavena raksha rakha maheshvara (or janardhana, or any deity name)



O Almighty, please forgive the sins that have been committed in this and previous births with each step taken during the Pradiskshana. One who performs pradikshana every day with devotion and offers worship to the god, this act of the individual is equal to the Ashwamedha Yagya. Hence If one circumambulates around the deity he is believed to destroy all the sins.

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