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Tulabaram is an ancient ritual. Tulabaranam means a person is made to sit on one part of the scale and an equal amount of rice, oil, gold or silver or grains, flowers, jaggery, etc as per the individual’s capacity is weighed and offered to god.


This is usually done when one’s wishes are fulfilled or they overcome sufferings and sorrows. The Tula-bhaar is a sort of obligation expressed to god for fulfilling their wishes. There are huge weighing scales at the pandal facing the Mahalakshmi temple. Temples like Tirupati, Guruvayur, Dwarka, Udupi, and several other temples also practice this ritual.


Hedavde Mahalaxmi Mandir has been carrying out this practice for the last 80 years where people have done lakhs of Tulabharam for their children's prosperity and growth. or when their prayers are answered and wishes are fulfilled



Benefits of Tulabharam

- Sufferings are reduced or nullified.

- If Tulabaram is done with noble material it is believed that prosperity for seven generations is assured.

- The malefic effects of Shaani peeda are reduced if done with sesame oil.


- To seek the Blessing of Brihaspati, Tulabaram is done with Chana Dal.

- To seek the Blessing of Moon God Tulabaram is done with Rice

- Tulabaram with Coins is done to seek blessings of Mata Mahalaxmi


तुळा भारम



१. वय - १ वर्ष पासून -१०० वर्ष पर्यंत

२. देणगी कक्षा मध्ये नोंदणी करणे आवश्यक आहे

२. सवा पांच किलो दही अभिषेक

३. द्रव्य : तांदूळ , डाळ , तेल , साकर (कृपया फळे , मिठाई व इतर वस्तू आणू नये )

४. वरील वस्तू आपण आण्यास  असमर्थ असल्यास मंदिरात पावती फाडून दिल्या जातील

५. आरती च्या अगोदर तुळा केली जाते , आरती नंतर आल्यास तुळा होणार नाही

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