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Shree Kuber


Shree Kuber Devta or Kuver as called in local dialect is the god wealth and riches yet there are hardly any temples of this deity. 



On the Northern area of Navgrah sthan this god has emerged from the monolithic rock of Navgraha. Being the guardian of the Northern direction he is seated on Goat as described in Agni Puran. The idol is 24 inches tall, with three pots beside him. These pots are 3 types of wealth he governs. One may find Gandharva (God of Music, Singing, and Dancing) and Yaksha (as the king of all the Yaksha) making the Treasurer of Heavens. He blesses the devotees with wealth, riches, and materialistic abundance.

Worshipping Panchamukhi Shivling with Datura flower before offering prayers to Shree Kuber is recommended. As per the recommendation of Guruji one has worship Shivling and Kuber with exotic perfumes to achieve improvement in financial conditions. Consecrated Yantras are offered to devotees in distress on specific Muhurtas by Guruji. 

It is believed as Shree Kuber being the treasurer, the money offered here multiplies for devotees, Lord Balaji had a loan from Shree Kuber for his marriage with Shree Padmavati, till date devotees offer money as per yatha shakti to reduce the debt of Lord Balaji.  Darshan of Kuber dev has been recommended before Lord Balaji on Tirumala Hills.

Since Gandharvas is ruled by Shree Kuber Devta many Bollywood and Tollywood film personalities visit before the release of films to take auspicious blessing.

Kubera Mantra:-

"Om Shrim Om Hrim Shrim Om Hrim Shrim Klim Vitteswaraya Namah"

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