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Shree Kaal Bhairav


All Shakti Peeths are guarded by Lord Kaal Bhairav, Mata is also under watch full surveillance of Shree Kaal Bhairav Maharaj. Standing in front Shree KaalBhairav guards the premises of Hedavde Mahalaxmi Mandir


Bhairava originates from the word bhīru, which means "fearsome". Bhairava means "terribly fearsome form". It is also known as one who destroys fear or one who is beyond fear. One interpretation is that he protects his devotees from dreadful enemies, anger, lust, and greed

Bhairav protects the devotees when devotees undergo Rahu Mahadasha for more guidance meet Guruji and seek information


Offering to Bhirav  Cow ghee, Red flowers, Bilva  Ghee lamp, Akhand Shree phaal, Urad Wada Mala

Eight types of Bhairav controlling 8 directions are given below

Astang Bhairav

  • Chaturbhuj holds Mala, Kamandalu, Khadga and Human skull- Pure White Complexion

  • Goddess: Brahmani

  • Vahan: Swan

  • Direction: East

  • Stone: Yellow Sapphire

Ruru Bhairav

  • Chaturbhuj carries Parshu, Khadga and Kapar- Sky Blue Complexion

  • Goddess: Maheshvari

  • Vahan: Bull

  • Direction: Southeast

  • Stone: Ruby

Chand Bhairav 

  • Chaturbhuj Pure whire complexion. Dhanush Baan, Kapar in hands

  • Goddess: Kaumari

  • Vahan: More (Peacock)

  • Direction: South

  • Stone: Coral

Krodh Bhairav

  • Chaturbhuj Pure neelam complexion Shankh, Chakra, Gada and Kapar in his hands 

  • Goddess: Vaishnavi

  • Vahan: Garud

  • Direction: South-West

  • Stone: Pearl

Unmatt Bhairav

  • Suvarna complexioned and Chaturbhuj Talwar, Dhaal, Shull cup, and Musal (Pestle) 

  • Goddess: Vartali

  • Vahan: Ashwa

  • Direction: West

Kapal Bhairav

  • Hiranyagrabha complexion and Chaturbhuj holds Vajra, Pash, Talwarand Kapar

  • Ruling goddess/Consort: Indrani

  • Vahan: Gaj (Elephant)

  • Direction: North-West

  • Stone: Diamond


Bheeshan Bhairav


  • Shonit complexioned and Chaturbhuj holds Trishul, Moosal, Talwar, and Skull cap.

  • Goddess: Chamunda

  • Vahan: BhootPret

  • Direction: North

Samhar Bhairav

  • Bhagwa complexion and Dash Bhuj holding Trishul, Dhol, Shankh, Gada, Chakra, Talwar, Kapar, Khatvang, Pash, and Goad 

  • Goddess: Chandi

  • Vahan: Simha

  • Direction: Northeast

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