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Mystical 879 

Om or Aum is a spiritual and sacred truth per Hindu belief. Om or Aum is formed by these magic numbers when placed in certain combination. Vedas and puranas has mentioned how this number has immense power and can be used for the benefit of mankind.


    8-> stands for Ashtavinayak (Worship of Mahaganapati is must for any Hindu rituals



7-> stands for Saptadevta /Sapta Rishi - Saptapadi Pooja is also a part of Hindu marriage


It was always said by our parents and grandparents that we never talk negatives during evening as the spoken words come true

9->stands for Navagraha (9 planets who rule and make changes in our lives)


These numbers if adopted in our day to day life helps to get us divine protection and luck. To avoid accidents and negative auras people use the numerological combination number 879 as their car number.  The devotees also believe that this number also invokes the blessings of Mahalakshmi Mata

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