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Mandir Deities

Shree Panchamukhi Hanuman

Standing tall Panchamukhi Hanuman guards the premises of Hedavde Mahalaxmi Mandir. Black stone granite idol stands 6ft tall and weighs more than ½ Ton. On Base on Pedastal is Sudarsan Chakra, Shree Garuda in Center and Shank in right. This hanuman is worshipped with Ark leaves. Devotees offer coconuts and fruits after completion of Mannat and Navas.

Shree Kaal Bhairav

All Shakti Peeths are guarded by Lord Kaal Bhairav, Mata is also under watch full surveillance of Shree Kaal Bhairav Maharaj. Standing in front Shree KaalBhairav guards the premises of Hedavde Mahalaxmi Mandir

Shree Kuber

Shree Kuber Devta or Kuver as called in local dialect is the god wealth and riches yet there are hardly any temples of this deity. 

The Naag Mandal 

The Naag Mandal has a very interesting story, during the temple construction (renovation). Work of Mandir had stopped paucity of funds. It was difficult to pay bills, prayers were offered to Mata Mahalaxmi and in the Prashna session, she advised Dada to construct Shree Shesh Naag Temple along with Jodi or twin snakes. 

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