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नमस्तेस्तु महामाये श्रीपीठे सूरपुजेते

शंखा चक्र गधा हस्ते हेदवडे महालक्ष्मी नमोस्तुते

The Temple is open only on Friday

Hedavde Mahalaxmi Temple


About Temple

The main idol of Swayambhu Mahalakshmi Mata was self-manifested along with Swayambhu Navagraha Mandir. 


Shri Guruvarya Dadasaheb Hate was born in a small village in Vasai, Maharashtra. He was brought up in a family that purely believed in the Hindu religion.


The word “Navagraha” comes from the Sanskrit words "Nava" and "Graha". Nava means "nine", Graha means "energy, planet or spiritual body".

Mystical digits 879

Hindu Lucky Number

Om or Aum is a spiritual and sacred truth per Hindu belief. Om or Aum is formed by these magic numbers when placed in certain combination. Vedas and puranas has mentioned how this number has immense power and can be used for the benefit of mankind.

Temple Timing

Friday Schedule

On Friday Garbh griha opens at 9.30 am

Mata Abhishek Starts at 10.00 am 

All devotees are kindly requested to be at the temple by 9.30 am

Mandir Reopens between 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm followed by Maha Aarti and Naivedya (Timing based on number of devotees)

Darshan/Pooja starts: 1.30 pm onwards

Mahabandhara starts 1.30 pm 

Mahabhandara Ends - 3.30 pm

Mandir Closes by 6 pm

All timings are tentative and subject to change as per the devotee crowd, Temple festivals etc. Management holds the right to change the schedule based on day to day events.

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